Creating a Better World with Information and Communication Technologies: Health Equity

ABSTRACT: When news broke on 23rd July 2014, that a case of the deadly virus Ebola had been confirmed in Lagos, home to about 21 million people and a major transportation hub, the World held its breath. If not contained, this virus could spread quickly killing a multitude of people around the World. By 15th October, cases of Ebola had been recorded around the World: Liberia reported 4249 cases with 2458 deaths, Sierra Leone reported 3252 cases with 1183 deaths, Guinea 1472 cases with 843 deaths, Nigeria reported 20 cases with 8 deaths, the USA reported 3 cases and 1 death, Spain and Senegal reported 1 case with no deaths (Qureshi et al, 2015).

Keywords: Health equity, Information and Communication Technologies, Mobile signals, Equitable healthcare, social media

Role of Social Determinants of Health in building an mHealth application

ABSTRACT: The pandemic has shown that the health of those with the least resources affects the rest of the population. Social determinants of health effect health disparities leading to greater inequities between those with and those without the resources needed to stay healthy. In order to help people, find resources they need to stay healthy, an mHealth application was created. Data was collected through this mobile application to investigate: what are the social determinants of health resources (SDOH) that are needed to address health inequities? Using this data, an mHealth prototype was developed to help understand whether the application can be useful in addressing the health inequities in a local community. Following a design science approach, the analysis suggests that resources for some social determinants of health are more useful than others. The contribution of this paper is in uncovering the SDOH resources that are needed to address the health inequities.

Keywords: Health equity, Social determinants of health

The Effect of Mobile Health and Social Inequalities on Human Development and Health Outcomes: Mhealth for Health Equity

ABSTRACT: The equitable provision of healthcare entails the distribution of resources and other processes to overcome health inequality. The concept of heath equity suggests that differences in social and economic backgrounds of people affect their ability to lead the lives they choose to live. Following a review of what is known about health equity, social determinants of health equity and the role of mobile health, this paper investigates the relationship between mHealth, social inequalities in life expectancy and in education on Human Development and Health and Wellbeing. The analysis discovers a significant relationship between mHealth, social inequalities in human development and health outcomes. These findings have important implications for the use of mHealth applications to achieve health equity. The contribution of this paper is in understanding the role of social inequalities in and mHealth in enabling people to bring about improvements in the lives they lead and in their health outcomes.

Keywords: Health equity, Human development, mHealth, Healthcare, wellbeing