Driving development through innovations in information technology and its applications

ABSTRACT: On April 15th 2010, The Economist reported that innovations in emerging economies were changing the way in which these economies operate. “Emerging countries are shaking off the recession as developed countries continue to struggle,” it reported, and stated that: “the emerging world was enjoying the most spectacular growth in history. Its share of global GDP (at purchasing-power parity) increased from 36% in 1980 to 45% in 2008 and looks set to grow to 51% in 2014. Emerging-market consumers have been outspending the Americans since 2007; by last year their share of global consumption had gone up to 34% against America’s 27%” (“The world turned upside down,” 2010). It is not just innovations in technologies that are changing the lives of people in these countries, but a more general cycle of disruptive innovation is taking place that enables people and businesses in these countries to transform established technologies and business practices to suit their needs

Keywords: Emerging-market consumers, Disruptive Innovation, micro-business models, ICT Maturity, mobile e-learning environment